Orchest can be run locally on Linux, macOS and Windows (using the exact same steps!).


  • Docker (tested on 19.03.9)

If you do not yet have Docker installed, please visit

Linux, macOS and Windows

Simply follow the steps below to install Orchest. For Windows, please read the note at the bottom first.

# Clone the repository and change directory.
git clone
cd orchest

# The start command will automatically install Orchest if it is not
# yet installed. After installation is finished Orchest is started.
./ start

The run script will mount the Docker socket to the orchest-ctl container to manage the local Docker containers necessary for running Orchest. In addition, the Docker socket is necessary for the dynamic spawning of containers that occurs when running individual pipeline steps.


On Windows, Docker has to be configured to use WSL 2. Make sure to clone Orchest inside the Linux environment. For more info about Docker with WSL 2, please visit