Contributer guides

Contributor License Agreement

Our CLA is an exact copy of the Apache CLA (apart from the names), which the cla-assistant will automatically prompt you to sign upon a pull request. Signing is done electronically.

The CLA ensures that Orchest has clear ownership specification for all contributions, which in turns lets us guarantee to users that we have no “stray” intellectual property or differently-licensed material.


Install all development dependencies using:

pre-commit install

To start hacking on Orchest you simply have to clone the repo from GitHub and start Orchest in dev mode:

git clone
cd orchest

# Before Orchest can be run in "dev" mode the front-end code has to
# be compiled.

# Start Orchest in dev mode which mounts the repo code to the correct
# paths in the Docker containers to not require any rebuilds. In
# addition, servers build on Flask are started in development mode.
./ start dev

dev mode mounts the repository code from the filesystem (and thus adhering to branches) to the appropriate paths in the Docker containers. This allows for active code changes being reflected inside the application. In dev mode the Flask applications are run in development mode. The following services support dev mode (others would have to be rebuild to show code changes): orchest-webserver, auth-server, file-manager and orchest-api.

Additional useful scripts are included in the root-level scripts/ directory, such as and

Before submitting pull requests, run lints and tests with:

pre-commit run -a

Feel free to pick up any of the issues on GitHub or create a custom pull request 💪.